Our Services



At GHMS we make your business our business. We have a network of partnership and professionals In Middle-east and India to offer you the best of partners and market surveys to help your business grow and reach the right customers.

    We offer you a range of services that help you understand the healthcare industry in a better and easier way to start your business in a new market. We focus on India and Saudi Arabia. We know how crucial it is to have extensive market research and the right partnership to do good business. So, we provide 4 core services to help you achieve this goal:



 Our human resource division is trained to understand the sort of manpower requirement for your business to provide you with the apt resources. We find the right team and let you manage your resources from over seas so you can manage your resource from the comfort of your office using telecom services or even fly down to our office and train them personally. We will work closely with you to ensure the successful execution of your business plan.


Doing business in your home country is not as challenging as doing business in an international country. Wherever you are from we will conduct market researches for Saudi Arabia and India if either one of these is not your home country. We analyze the different cultural requirements, customs and expectations from the market and also find potential partners in these countries. We work towards making it an easy journey for you to do business in these markets.


  Our research team works towards finding the most suitable partners for your business. We realize the importance of finding the right partner and maintain a winning partnership.
    We offer suitable business plans and strategies to help you manage and sustain a successful partnership and your ongoing business. We formulate market strategies and also investigate the possibility of partnerships. We analyze potential partners; evaluate business partnerships to give you the best partners to do business with.

We understand the risk and importance of research before entering a new market. We will understand your business goals and possible opportunities and assess the market to help you target the right customers.

    We provide extensive market research and analysis to provide you with suitable strategies to penetrate the market. Our complete market survey will save you the time and resources of doing it yourself.
   We help assess the change in the market, customer behavior, competitor analysis and market structure and trends. We help determine the best target market and target segment for your business.